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    Komodo Heaven  Tour is one of the new Travel agency on Flores & komodo island, with more experinced Team on Tourism field

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    Komodo Tours, komodo island tour, Flores Tour & komodo island tours from cruise ship is as main tour packages of  Komodo Heaven Tour.

    www.komodoheaventour.com is internet marketing of Komodo Heaven Tour and travel service on flore- komodo island

    KomodoHeavenTour is a reliable local tour organizer which based in Labuan Bajo, western part of Flores – Indonesia, Our tour is offer an adventures. The adventure tour aims is to witness most impressive destination in Indonesia.

    The tours particularly specialized on Komodo island   and Flores  island as well as serve cruise tour on komodo islands from cruise ship.

    Komodo Island Tour is special tour packages offers tourist to visit Komodo National Park. Basically,  komodo island tour which komodo island as the main spot of the tour. Moreover, komodo island tours copes Land Park tour and Marine Park tour. Basically, the land park tours consist of five main lands where Natural Habitat of  Giant Lizard lives. Those islands are Komodo Island, Rinca Island, Padar Island, Gili Motang, Nusa Kode as well.

    Generally, marine park tour copes the Marine life tours. Basically, marine park tours has riches objects such rich of various coral reefs, varieties of colorful fishes. Moreover, Whale Shark, other types of Shark, Jelly Fish, Manta Ray, as well as some others marine Life tour.

    The beach is clean and the water is unspoiled which covered by wonderful capes and bays, for instance Pink Beach and Padar Island. Pink Beach is the pink sandy beach. The beach covered by combination of red and white sandstone. Padar Island Is the earth on Heaven which amazing capes and bays

    Ancient Monitor Lizard (Komodo Dragon) family of varanus komodoensis is the last Carnivorous on earth. The great lizard is one of world heritage site since  1992 by UNESCO and in 2011 the Biggest Lizard became One of New Seven Wonders of the Nature.

    Obviously, komodo dragon exist only around komodo national park of Indonesia. Komodo Dragon as main destination of the tour object. Komodo  island Tour want to make tour memorable by combining Land tour and Marine Park tour. It will make your tour imprint ever.

    Beside Komodo Island as main destination of tour, Rinca Island is another of the main island of the your tour. These islands are the best spot to discover  the Dragon.

    In Komodo National Park, Not only Komodo Dragon that you visit during tour in the Island but also you will discover some animals. Those animals are monkeys, deer, wild board, wild chicken,snakes as well some kinds of birds. Particularly, the snakes are cobra, python, viper, lives on both island. Meanwhile, wild chicken and wild board lives only on the komodo island. while, monkeys is only lives on Rinca Island

    During Komodo island Tour you will do snorkeling and sunbathe around Komodo National Park such as snorkeling around Pink Beach, Manta Ray Point, Kelor Island, Kanawa Island, Bidadari Island, Taka Makassar as well and some other islands surroundings

    in short, Komodo Island Tour discovers both land and sea tour. The Land tour discovers Komodo Dragon as the only remaining giant lizard found on earth. Basically, the giant lizard which conserved as A Wold world Heritage Site as well as one of New seven Wonders of Nature.

    Beside Great Monitor Lizard, other wild life exist on this island such as monkey, deer, buffalo, wild pigs and any kinds of birds and snakes as well. However, sea tour do such a fantastic snorkeling and swimming in several spot around Komodo National park. Moreover, the tour aims to see beautiful panoramic of marine life under water like varieties of coral reefs and colorful of fishes.

    Flores Tour exploring three craters lakes of Kelimutu which its respective color, incredible culture, beauty of nature and amazing local people. Moreover, Wae Rebo Traditional House is representative of Manggaraians’ customs and so much more unique and wonderful tradition and landslide.

    We also serve Komodo islands tour from cruise ship. Basically, the cruise tours offers you reasonable price. Moreover, our guide team is local people who specialize tour guide on komodo island tour

    Finally, we want say thank you so much for visiting Komodo Heaven Tour as your expert travel organizer in Flores and komodo island

    For further information, Please don’t hesitate to contact us on our email and Hotline call

    Komodo Heaven Tour

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    Luxury Komodo Vessel Charter

    Luxury Komodo Vessel is one of the best offered to you who wish to charter the Luxury vessel for komodo trip, with more comfortable facilities.


    Semi Phinisi Boat

    We provided any phinisi vessel as modified for your journey to komodo island

    Cabin Boat with Fan and Speedboat charter daily trip

    Local wooden boat with very standard facilities to take you to discover the paradise of komodo Park

    Cabin Boat with AC

    Our Cabin Boat specialized for you to explore the beauty natures of komodo national park

    Flores Island Adventures And Komodo Island Excursion

    Discover the Heaven on the last Jurassic park and Wonderful cultures and stunning Landscape

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