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      Sano Nggoang Crater Lake is located approximately 55km east of Labuan Bajo. With depths of up to 500m, it is said to be among the world’s deepest crater lakes. The lake and an overall surrounding area of 5,500 hectares are proposed to become a protected area due to the remaining forests and endemic bird species such as the native Flores crow and the Flores monarch. Enthusiastic bird watchers and nature lovers should make sure to bring along their binoculars. Besides the birds, there is an abundance of attractive flora and fauna that can be spotted in Sano Nggoang offers the full range of nature tourism attractions and activities, from hiking to bird watching, swimming, or simply relaxing in a natural hot spring. What’s more, it offers you to gain an insight in the local people’s customs, traditional farming practices, and everyday life.

      There are many possibilities to explore the Sano Nggoang Crater Lake. You can either go directly by car or take an ojek to the lake. There, you can go for excellent short or longer self-guided walks around the lake, passing the surrounding hills.Another option is to hire a well-versed guide in Labuan Bajo who accompanies you on a hike along the so-called ‘eco route’, hiring a guide from Labuan Bajo. By car or motorbike it will take you around 1 1/2 hours from Labuan Bajo to Werang, the starting point for the eco route. Depending on your own pace, the hike that leads you across neat little village communities in a natural setting to the Sano Nggoang crater lake will take you between 3–5 hours. Whatsoever path you choose to reach the lake, strenuous or not, you definitely deserve a revitalizing bath in the sulfurous hot springs near Nunang Village.



    Hello Travellers My name is Lucas, i'm a native of flores. I was born on 7th of January 1987. I was spended my senior school at Tourism for 3 years, and i took Hotel program, than i graduated on 2006. Now i'm working for tourism as a tour guide and tour operator in Labuan Bajo, before i build my own job as a tour operator, i has a lot of experienced for Hotel Reservation,Tour booked,tour guide, and handling cruise ship, I have been in Bali for five years, studied about Bali and Indonesia Tourism, than i've got it. Now i live in Labuan Bajo, the smallest town in the west part of flores island, though this small but this town is very popular, due to dragons Habitats and wonderfull marine life. as your tour organizer i would like to invite you to visit our homeland and our beautiful natures. Please see more all our Tour packages that we offer on our website, Check it out Regards LUCAS_OWNER OF KOMODO HEAVEN TOUR


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