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  • So’a Hot spring water

    So’a Hot Spring

    Located in the Soa sub-district, about 23.5km from Bajawa town, Mangeruda Hot Springs offer you the Florinese highlands at their warmest.

    Travelers coming to Ngada often visit Mangeruda Hot Springs to escape chilly Bajawa and enjoy the warm water that flows from a river under the shade of coconut trees. The spring water is believed to have curative effect for those suffering from skin conditions. Howsoever, the experience of taking a warm, soothing bath in a beautiful, natural atmosphere is definitely a true delight for your body and soul. Some pools are especially designed for visitors, including a large, artificial pool that offers space for quite a lot of people.

    If you prefer to enjoy a more untouched scenic view of the hot springs, ask a guide to take you for a walk to where the hot water originates, along the descending river across rice fields and coconut trees to a canyon with beautiful drop-offs that almost look like little waterfalls. If you continue to walk, you will finally arrive at Soa Poba Polo where the hot spring water meets the river.

    While in Soa, you may have the chance to enjoy ‘sagi’, a traditional boxing performance which is the pride of the Soa community. Usually held after harvest or during the dry season from May to July, sagi is performed continuously throughout the Soa sub-district, starting from Mangeruda and continuing to other nearby villages. It is performed as one of the local traditional festivals inspired by ancestral migration journeys in centuries over the distant past.

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